Create your own production music library

Powered by the SoundCloud® API

Composerly turns SoundCloud into a tool for working composers

SoundCloud is a remarkable service. But at it’s core, it’s a social network. And if you’re like most composers, you don’t feel comfortable sending clients to your SoundCloud page to hear your music.

Composerly attempts to address this. It connects to your music on SoundCloud and wraps it in a powerful search engine. What was once a messy list of tracks, likes, comments and play counts, is now a beautiful, interactive music library for your music alone.

It’s your music without all the noise.



Instant Search

Filter through thousands of tracks instantly. Click on a tag, genre or use the search bar. As you narrow your track list, Composerly shows you all the relevant tags in the remaining songs. It’s an incredibly fast and easy way for you and your clients to find what they’re looking for.

Keep out unwanted viewers

You are in complete control over who gets to listen to your library. Give access to specific individuals or choose a global password that anyone can use. You’re also able to use SoundCloud private tracks in your library. This means no one, not even SoundCloud users, can hear your music without your permission.

Client Downloads

Composerly gives total control over who can and can’t download your music. Set a global password for everyone or grant access to specific users. This is perfect for allowing trusted clients browse and download music to test against picture. You can also provide your own hi-res AIF, WAV, MP3, or FLAC files for downloads.

Group alternate tracks

Let’s say you have multiple versions of a song—60 second, 30 second, 15 second, Instrumental Extended, etc. Composerly allows you to group those tracks into one master version. This keeps your library clean and easy to use for your clients.

Metadata editor

Your library is only useful if the metadata is clean and up to date. Use Composerly’s Track Manager to edit tags, genres, and playlists. It’s easy, intuitive and powerful.

Edit metadata locally

Download your SoundCloud data as a csv file, edit with any spreadsheet software (Excel, Numbers, Google Docs, etc.), upload back to Composerly. Your metadata will be updated on both Composerly and SoundCloud.

Video/Reel Gallery

Why limit yourself to just one reel? Use our video gallery to add any public Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion URL to show videos of your work.


What is Composerly?

Composerly is a service that converts your SoundCloud library to your own searchable music library.

What isn’t Composerly?

A stock music library. We don’t license any music on your behalf. Our interest is in providing composers tools to promote and license their own music.

Who owns the music?

The original copyright holders retain all their rights. Composerly doesn’t host any music files—SoundCloud does. We simply offer a better way for composers present them.

What does Composerly cost?

Composerly is free. How? Because Composerly is built on SoundCloud API, SoundCloud does all the heavy lifting. We don’t have exorbitant hosting, streaming, transcoding fees. We don’t collect or sell any of your data. We simply do this for the love of it.

Looking forward, if we decide to start charging, there will always be a free tier. It’s important to us to provide tools for independent composers and musicians so they can compete with big businesses.